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So... What Is Filmraising?

Where filmmaking and fundraising come together. We powerfully tell the story of

non-profit organizations and help them utilize the films we create as fundraising tools. 

Grow Hub's mission is to provide work training and occupational opportunities for persons with disabilities, in agriculture, horticulture, landscaping, and related fields–with the goal of trainees finding paid employment. 

 'Growing Real Opportunities to Work' is a 12-minute short film that showcases the work of this incredible organization. Our team helped Grow Hub premiere this film, raising over $30,000 in its first 30 days of release.


Grow Hub attributes this project to bringing in more volunteers, foot traffic, and revenue than ever before–hitting annual milestones halfway through the year, and allowing them to think bigger about their strategic growth.

Sharks are Beneath The Waves' greatest collaborators. And through studying them in The Bahamas, tiger sharks have led the organization to one of the greatest ocean discoveries of the decade–the largest seagrass meadow on Earth: up to 93,000 km² across the Great and Little Bahama Banks. 


Nomad Creative started creating media for Beneath The Waves in 2014 when the organization had annual donations totalling just over $20K per year. To date, Beneath The Waves has grown to be a global brand raising over $2 Million a year and working in over a dozen nations to conduct critical research for ocean conservation: generating donations, raising awareness, growing a global following, and attaining large sponsorships through Nomad Creative's storytelling.

Project YouthBuild: a program that helps young people complete coursework for high school diplomas, achieve GEDs, and provides vocational training.
Shortly after the creation of this film, the Institute for Workforce Innovation in Gainesville, FL applied for and won $1.1 Million in funding for its chapter, and was ranked in the top 10 for YouthBuild programs around the world.


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