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Every year hundreds of cyclers take part in La Ruta De Los Conquistadores -

a journey across the nation of Costa Rica from coast to coast - in just three days.


Follow four courageous cyclers as they embark on their physical, emotional, and spiritual journey through one of the hardest mountain bike races on the planet in this feature length documentary - La Ruta.

Athletes are obsessed with finding an edge. Laser-focused strategy, hyper-optimized training, the gear, the recovery. But what happens when elite athletes — OCR champions, Olympians, NFL pros, triathletes, world champion crossfitters and more — are ripped out of their comfort zones?

Who will be the fittest then? Find out in Spartan Games: Battle of the Fittest.


A journey into the history, beauty, and threats faced by the Florida Springs and their connection to the Floridan Aquifer.


The second installment of the documentary film series, The Global Connection, this piece goes in depth on what is threatening these springs and what can be done to ensure their health for generations to come.

Journey into the lives of the charming characters living outside of civilization's grasp in undeveloped surf paradise in Costa Rica.

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