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CEO, Creative Director

Born to a Lebanese-Syrian father and Irish-American mother, I was brought into this world with a diverse background. Growing up in the international community of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and embarking on travels to numerous countries built upon this global foundation. As I got older, the wonder of travel inevitably extended into my adulthood.
After graduating with honors from the University of Florida with degrees in Anthropology and Psychology, I ventured to Central America for the better part of two years. Swimming with Old Tom, a 40 foot whale shark, inspired me to begin cataloging underwater adventures and island lifestyle with a GoPro Hero gifted to me by a new friend. The rest, is history.
I have since committed myself to telling stories using digital media, collaborating with others to transform ideas into reality. Whether partnering with leaders of non-governmental organizations in Central America, marine conservationists in Miami, or fellow freelance filmmakers around the world; it is these partnerships that allow me to develop and improve as a filmmaker and individual.
Specializing in documentary filmmaking and human-centered storytelling, I am committed to creating stunning work that exceeds the expectations of those I work with, while actively seeking out work with sustainability and conservation-minded organizations and individuals.
In my free time I enjoy being in the sun, living a balanced and healthy lifestyle, spending time with my family, and meditating on what the next entrepreneurial endeavor will be.
Let's connect and make the world a better place.

Global Production Team

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Creative Producer

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Director of Photography


Camera Operator, Editor



Born out of sheer awe and amazement for this place we call home, each of us organically grew into storytelling and the niche best suited for our talents. Since that first spark of inspiration, we have grown into a fully functioning, professional film suite.



Equipped with the latest technology to film from the sky, water, and seamlessly on land - we continue to grow, staying in touch with and strengthening our roots as we seek out clients and partners that forward our mission of bringing crucial environmental and social issues to the front of the newsfeed.


Our ultimate goal - to positively impact the world around us.

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