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A journey into the history, beauty, and threats faced by the Florida Springs and their connection to the Floridan Aquifer. The second installment of the documentary film series, The Global Connection, this piece goes in depth on what is threatening these springs and what can be done to ensure their health for generations to come.

In the pilot episode of the documentary film series, The Global Connection, Sami Kattan journeys to the Isla Holbox, Mexico to witness the largest gathering of whale sharks on the planet. While uncovering the tourist industry the surrounds this magnificent creature, he also uncovers the impacts this industry leaves behind that not all visitors may realize.

The project overview of Beneath The Waves second expedition to the Bahamas to continue work on the Shark Sanctuary Research Program, measuring the effectiveness of shark conservation areas in the Bahamas waters. 

Project YouthBuild: a program that helps young people complete coursework for high school diplomas, GEDs, and provides vocational training.


Shortly after the creation of this film, the Institute for Workforce Innovation in Gainesville, FL applied for and won $1.1 Million in funding for its chapter, and was ranked in the top 10 for YouthBuild programs around the world.

Learn about their moving story here.

Educating the public about a Beneath The Waves expedition launching a long-term study of the shark sanctuary in the Bahamas.

Journey into the lives of the charming characters living outside of civilization's grasp in undeveloped surf paradise in Costa Rica.

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